Kuril Islands Driver License

Kuril Islands Driver License

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Please note that only our online samples have "youfinishit" on them for security reasons.  Your card will not have this.

Your picture can be e-mailed or mailed.  Complete instructions will be sent after your order is placed.


Our Kuril Islands Driver License is issued under the authority of the League of Chishma Habomai Residents, which advocates the return of the Kuril Islands to Japan.  It may not be recognized for driving on public roads by the Russian government, which currently controls the Kuril Islands.

TERMSMust hold a valid local driver license.



Your picture will cropped to the correct size and printed onto the card.  For an additional fee, we can remove objects from the background if you do not have a suitable picture.



Our cards are handmade using the most advanced technology available.  As such, a card with all of our features can be expensive.  With our insurance policy, if your card is ever lost or stolen, a replacement card can be ordered for only $20, with free shipping, and there is no limit to the number of replacement cards that can be ordered.  Please note the following terms and conditions of this offer:

1) The cost of this policy is $20 and does not include an additional card.

2) Replacement cards must be identical to the original card to obtain the $20 price.  If changes to the card are desired (such as a new address, height, weight or picture), there is an additional $5 charge.  For security reasons, the name or birthdate cannot be changed.  In addition, if a new picture is submitted it must be of the same person.

3) If the purchaser has moved to a different state, there is an additional $20 charge to change the state (so the total cost for a different state card is $40)

4) While it is our intent to provide "lifetime" coverage, due to vendor requirements, statutes, and practical considerations, all good things must come to an end.  Therefore, all coverage will end in 5 years from the time of the initial order.  In addition, coverage may be less than 5 years if at any time YouFinishit withdraws from the business of making cards.  At that point, all coverage will end and refunds will not be given.