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YouFinishIt has many product lines to meet your ID card needs.  Our state OD cards (donor licenses) are our most popular line.  These tamper-proof cards ensure that you hold a secure ID card, clearly identifying you on the front, with your donor preferences on the back.  Unlike most donor cards that can be easily modified, or even counterfeited, ours use the same tamper resistant materials used by state governments to secure the integrity of their licenses and ID cards. Just look at the quality features of these cards:


1) Each state has a unique design hand crafted by our skilled graphic designers.

2) You supply is with your personal details, address and picture and we digitally print and hand finish each card using state-of-the-art card printers and laminators.  All information is captured by our unique online ordering system.

3) The back of each card has your organ donor preferences digitally printed, ensuring that they cannot be tampered with.

4) The cards are 60/40 polyester/PVC with a hologram poly-laminate (when we say high quality and tamper-resistant, we mean it!)

5) Each card has a unique card # with an expiration date that you chose.


Order any state you like!

In addition to state donor cards, we have a Professional line of cards designed for the independent professional, as well as select privately issued foreign driver licenses.  Made to the most exacting standards and employing PVC production technology with hologram and OVD poly-laminates, these cards are the finest available.

Please note that our samples have "youfinishit" printed on the image to prevent our competitors from using them.  Your cards will NOT have this printed on them.

Pursuant to California code 483.5 and US code 18-1-47-1028, all cards are issued by Anatomical Gift Registrations.

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Last updated:04/30/18