The Multi-Part Identification Specification (MPID) was developed as a response to incompatibilities between ID card parts.  As a pioneer in the industry, YouFinishIt helped write the specification, so you can be assured that our products will be compatible with all MPID compliant laminations, holograms, OVD's, folios and other ID card accessories.

The Specification   

While the technicalities of MPID are unimportant to the consumer, many of our customers have asked us about the specification.  We hope this page will give you an understanding of how the industry works together to ensure that quality of MPID compliant ID's.

# of Parts

The number of parts that can be used to customize your card.

Part #

All of our cards include part 1 (the card) and part 2 (the lamination). 

Product #

Every card we sell has an MPID product number.


This in an optional alpha identifier used for cards that vary by location.  None of our ID's use the locality identifier.

If the above explanation is a little complicated, don't worry.  The system is designed so that you, our valued customer, can just order and enjoy!  



Last updated:02/06/10