By signing and submitting this notice with my order, I acknowledge the following:

  1. The card(s) that I receive will be used for strictly lawful purposes.

  2. All cards produced by YouFinishIt do not bear any official text or symbols, or any aspects that could be considered official.  I will not add any official text or symbols to the card(s) I receive.

  3. Cards ordered from YouFinishIt will not be used to misrepresent myself.  I understand that these cards are intended for legitimate firms, organizations, individuals and educational institutes.  State cards are to identify organ donor preferences and are not ID cards.

  4. For orders that YouFinishIt considers suspicious, we will perform verification procedures before shipping the order.  If it is brought to our intention that the customer does not have any legal standing to possess the card ordered, the order will be returned.  

  5. YouFinishIt will not create custom cards that are identical to, or bear significant resemblance to, official US state or federal cards unless ordered by an authorized representative of such (subject to strict verification).

  6. If a signature is not supplied, we may use a generic signature font to represent your signature.

  7. Examples of custom card orders that will not be processed without strict verification include, but are not limited to:

  • US state drivers license.

  • Any US Federal immigration, US Federal/state law enforcement ID card, or US Federal/state license.  This includes cards that do not resemble the official cards, but would appear to be issued by an actual government agency.

  • A license valid in the US (even if not issued in the US) that is identical, or almost identical, to the official card. 

  • Any card issued by, or would appear to be issued by, a foreign government or regulatory agency.  This includes both national and municipal governments.

  1. Examples of custom card orders that will be processed include, but are not limited to:

  • U.S. cards that do not bear significant resemblance to the official cards.

  • Non U.S. cards that are not valid in the US

  • Employee ID cards

  • Membership cards

  • Movie prop cards (subject to strict verification)

I have read the above and agree to the terms as set forth:

Signed: ________________    Name: _________________  Order #: ____________________    Date: _________

Last updated:02/06/10