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Due to the need of a lower cost alternative to custom designed ID cards, we now offer professional cards in a  wide variety of designs.  These cards are PVC one part or paper laminate and are used by many members of the press, security and others professions world-wide.  All personal aspects (name, address, birth date, etc.) are printed on these cards by us.  A security hologram or OVD lamination is included with all cards.

All of our cards are generic and while many are similar to many cards issued by various agencies and organizations, for legal reasons, none of our cards identical to those issued by these organizations.  Our cards are designed for individuals who need to prove their identity, but do not have an ID card.  Typical customers for our finished cards include:

  • Self employed individuals without employer issued ID cards.

  • Small companies without the resources to obtain custom cards for their employees.

  • Non-profit organizations with limited funds. 

  • Any individual, organization or company in need of low cost, high quality PVC ID cards.

As these cards are generic in their design, with generic holograms, they are designed for low-security applications.  If a higher level of security is needed, a custom designed ID card should seriously be considered.  Please see our custom cards catalog if you are interested in a custom card. 

View our extensive catalog of ID cards!





Last updated:02/06/10